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It All Starts With a Conversation

We partner with our advisors to help manage the intricacies of their business, so they can be free to focus on you. Our advisors help to identify the goals and needs of their clients by simply listening. They get to know your ambitions, milestones and objectives so they can provide a personalized investment strategy unique to your lifestyle.

What does it mean to choose an independent financial advisor?

It means providing you with financial advice on a range of products that span the market

  • We offer our representatives the freedom to choose from thousands of investment products.

It means being able to choose the solutions that works best for your unique situation.

  • Our representatives give their clients informed unbiased advice free from the pressure of sales quotas.

It means creating your own unique brand to stand out in the consumer market.

  • We foster individuality for our representatives to offer you the best possible solution for your unique business needs.

It does not mean that you are alone.

Our job as Essex Securities, LLC is to provide our representatives with extensive resources and top-notch back office support. We want our reps to be able to focus their attention on serving their clients in the most informed, efficient, and successful manner possible.